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UpEffect VS Kickstarter and Indiegogo

UpEffect is the world's only crowdfunding platform exclusively for social entrepreneurs. Unlike other platforms, we provided one-on-one support with business development, crowdfunding, marketing and impact experts.

On other platforms you might get lost in the shuffle. When you crowdfund with UpEffect, you are a respected agent of change and seen as a partner in our efforts to improve lives and the planet.

Our crowdfunding technology was built in-house to meet the needs of social entrepreneurs. Each campaign page is 100% customisable, with tech support directly from our product team. Our clean, modern and easy-to-use online platform now boasts features that not only make us an equal player with industry giants like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but in fact exceed these platforms' capabilities.

UpEffect is the first crowdfunding platform to not only allow campaign creators to choose their currency, but also enable backers to browse and support campaigns in any preferred currency. Additionally, UpEffect is the only crowdfunding platform with a 100% funding success rate.

With UpEffect, entrepreneurship and financing now know no borders.