We’re a small team building technology to launch products addressing today’s biggest problems

On a mission to tackle low success rates and harmful products plaguing the crowdfunding industry, our unique rewards-based crowdfunding and support model has driven our 95-percent campaign success rate, helping founders build sustainable enterprises and raise capital directly from socially conscious customers.

We're dedicated to helping social entrepreneurs access capital while retaining ownership of their enterprise

Too often, social entrepreneurs are denied access to traditional capital, in particular underrepresented founders. The large crowdfunding platforms are built for those with existing networks, resources and funds which is rare for social entrepreneurs who often come from marginalised communities. This same group of entrepreneurs are often building businesses on the frontline to serve society. Yet, they have to work harder than everyone else to to get their businesses off the ground. This is a disservice to them and the communities that depend on these businesses for survival.

  • Creator


    + 5% success fee + Stripe fees
  • The plan includes:
  • Our crowdfunding playbook made of 100+ milestones designed around your campaign requirements to help you acquire backers and customers
  • 2x Office Hours for 1:1 coaching
  • Accountability check-ins to help you meet your goals
  • How-to guides on marketing, sales and growth, team, product, operations and more
  • Rewards Calculator
  • Pledge Planning Tool
  • Funding Goal Calculator
  • Marketing Scheduling Tool
  • Network Calculator
  • Film Script Template
  • Email workflow of 15 templates for communicating with prospective backers
  • One annual Impact Assessment Report post campaign completion
  • One review and edit of the campaign page, film script, email workflow, ebook and blog posts
  • Ally

    £5 / month

    £36 (40% discount) / year
  • The plan includes:
  • Contribute to our funding pot for social entrepreneurs. 100% of your donation is allocated to an UpEffect crowdfunding campaign and will take them closer to meeting their funding goal.

  • Join our village, a community of founders and backers supporting transformative solutions to global issues. Here you can share ideas, amplify your work and connect with like-minded allies.

  • You can cancel your contribution any time and we'll notify you 3 days before your account is charged in case you change your mind.


Calculate your campaign fee based on your funding goal

If your funding goal is (£)

Then the UpEffect initial fee of £199 + 5% success fee (excl Stripe fees) will be £0
If the campaign is unsuccessful, you will only pay £199.


Getting feedback from customers is a key component to building a successful product and company. Crowdfunding is an inexpensive way of reaching thousands of potential customers and finding out what they think. Most new businesses depend on some form of marketing to reach customers, with crowdfunding, you're able to create urgency around a funding goal. With this approach, you're able to test demand for your idea prior to investing in manufacturing, inventory, hiring staff, building a website or other expenses. This allows you to focus on revenue, retain ownership and build your business on your own terms which makes your venture more attractive to investors if that is what you're after. Investment has its place in business but we believe having a successful crowdfunding campaign under your belt means you're able to steer the ship in a direction that is on your terms.

We're a rewards-based crowdfunding platform. We encourage creators to offer tangible goods and services as incentives to backers in exchange for their financial support. Our creators typically create pre-order campaigns to build demand for products and/or services.

UpEffect was founded to eliminate the biggest problems plaguing the crowdfunding industry: low success rates and harmful products. Campaigns on most crowdfunding platforms suffer from limited curation, lack of personalised support and are mass-market focused which is why over 60% of campaigns fail. Furthermore, most platforms do not hold their campaigns or creators to any ethical standards. 9% of Kickstarter campaigns have failed to deliver a single reward to supporters, essentially pocketing the crowdfunded money.

In stark contrast, UpEffect’s enterprise solution approach and campaign consultant model drives our 95% success rate, the highest in the crowdfunding industry. Instead of simply providing another platform for campaigns to raise money without any help, we employ industry best practices to ensure founders are creating exceptional campaign pages and building a “crowd” to back their projects. In essence, UpEffect allows smaller fish that get neglected on larger platforms to convert their powerful ideas into successful campaigns, not only to meet a funding target but also to successfully launch a product to a loyal customer base.

We understand if you're after a "big" crowdfunding platform. That's not us. We're not on a mission to build a hyper growth business or a unicorn. For us, our creators and backers come first and we have a vested interest in making this business succeed. The two founders are also UpEffect's only shareholders. We have no investors and intend to keep it this way. By building a profitable business and focusing on growing the team who have ownership in the business, we're able to dedicate our time and resources to what is most important to us: supporting socially responsible businesses raise capital to build a better world. We move slowly and modestly at UpEffect; this allows us to test, iterate, improve and create services that cater to the evolving needs of our creators. This also allows us to learn and become students of the process.

We believe this puts us in a strong position to equip our founders with the right tools, funding and knowledge to solve global poverty, illiteracy, social injustice, climate change and more.

If you are tired of pitching for funding, struggling to navigate crowdfunding, in need of structure and discipline or unsure how to build a profitable business without investment, we're the right platform for you. We're dedicated to improving access to funding for founders bettering our world; this means creating opportunities and removing barriers to entry, in particular ones placed by banks, investors and other crowdfunding platforms that frequently overlook founders of colour, social entrepreneurs and female founders. More details on our criteria can be found here but we encourage you to apply if you're unsure.

All payments are processed by Stripe and their fee is 1.9% + 20p per transaction for European cards and 2.9% + 20p per transaction for non-European cards.

For £199, you get 30-days of personalised campaign support. If you find value in our service, we encourage you to opt for additional months of support while you're preparing for your campaign launch. We don't automatically charge creators for additional months; you're only charged for the first 30 days and we will ask you how you wish to proceed once this period is complete. You are, however, contractually bound to run your campaign on UpEffect before leaving for another crowdfunding platform. We pour our heart and soul into helping our creators succeed and we believe it's only fair we share in your success if you decide to crowdfund.

To create a sense of urgency around the live campaign, we implement an all-or-nothing model, which helps set targets and also offer protection to backers so that campaign creators are only able to collect their funds once they have met their minimum funding goal. This means that entrepreneurs are continuously motivated to ensure they succeed. This is also a good way of building credibility as backers are more comfortable supporting an idea that they know campaign creators are serious about making a reality.

No, sorry! We believe creators should be at the forefront of building genuine and direct relationships with their audience and no agency or third party will be able to do justice to this. Our £199 fee covers the cost of our Creator Toolkit which includes resources, calculators, planners, accountability check-ins, coaching sessions and reviewing your content. The goal of the Creator plan is to equip you with tools so that you can architect a loyal community and reach 100% of your funding goal. Our 5% success fee covers the cost of our platform, technology and support.

Yes as you will need a verified Stripe Business account to crowdfund with UpEffect

This depends on your funding goal but we recommend a minimum of two months. Our Funding Goal Calculator will help you determine what the right goal is for your campaign and based on that, we can advise on the right timeframe. You are only required to sign up for one month of the Creator plan with UpEffect.

The minimum is £1,000. There is no maximum, however, we recommend setting realistic goals that you can explain to your community of backers. We also suggest calculating how much capital you need to build a profitable business in the next 18 months and using that as your guideline to determine your funding goal. Our Rewards and Funding Goal Calculators available as part of our Creator Toolkit will help you with this.

Please see here for a list of companies supported by Stripe

We apply a 5% success fee when you complete your crowdfunding campaign. All payments are processed by Stripe and their fee is 1.9% + 20p per transaction for European cards and 2.9% + 20p per transaction for non-European cards. If you don't meet your funding goal, no fees are applied.

If you have a constrained budget, we encourage you to still apply and let us know about your situation. We'll do our absolute best to help you.

We're a small team of three who share a passion for improving the world and have dedicated much of our careers to serving society through non-profits and community work.

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We understand, resources are tight and you're stretched for time. It also takes a lot of trial and error to get the content right. We've worked with several social enterprises and understand what it takes to engage interested communities honestly and personally.

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