We’re a small team building technology to launch products addressing today’s biggest problems

Social injustice, climate change, global poverty, Illiteracy and more. We improve access to funding for entrepreneurs with an intrinsic drive to improve lives and the planet by backing business that inherently better society.

We founded UpEffect to eliminate the biggest problems plaguing the $2B crowdfunding industry: low success rates and harmful products

We’re the world’s only crowdfunding platform with a 100% funding success rate for social businesses and 95% for social entrepreneurs.

  • £199

    + 5% success fee + Stripe fees
  • The plan includes...
  • Personalised UpEffect Campaign Playbook: a detailed breakdown of crowdfunding milestones required for a successful campaign customised based on your launch date
  • x2 Office Hours
  • x4 Accountability Check-ins (every week we'll check in on you to see how you're getting along with your campaign goals)
  • Rewards Planner
  • Pledge Planner
  • Funding Goal Planner
  • Marketing Scheduler
  • Film Script Template
  • Email workflow of 15 templates for communicating with prospective backers
  • One annual Impact Assessment Report post campaign completion
  • One review and edit of the campaign page, film script, email workflow, ebook and blog posts

We really value getting to know our applicants

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Additional Services

We understand, resources are tight and you're stretched for time. It also takes a lot of trial and error to get the content right. We've worked with several social enterprises and understand what it takes to engage interested communities honestly and personally.

Campaign Film/Photoshoot

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Personalised Press Kit


Film Script


Personalised Email workflow of
 15 templates


Campaign page 
graphic design





Getting feedback from customers is a key component to building a successful product and company. Crowdfunding is an inexpensive way of reaching thousands of potential customers and finding out what they think. Instead of putting an order through for manufacturing your product, hiring staff, building a website or investing in other expenses, you can create a campaign page and test how many people are interested in buying your product. You’re able to go directly to your customers and sell your idea.

UpEffect was founded to eliminate the biggest problems plaguing the $2B crowdfunding industry: low success rates and harmful products. Campaigns on most crowdfunding platforms suffer from limited curation, lack of personalised support and are mass-market focused which is why over 60% of campaigns fail. In stark contrast, UpEffect’s enterprise solution approach and campaign consultant model drives our 95% success rate, the highest in the crowdfunding industry. Kickstarter and Indiegogo do not hold their products to any ethical standards and they rely on sensational stories and one-offs for their success which makes them not suitable for impact businesses.

UpEffect is unlike any other crowdfunding website. Instead of simply providing another platform for campaigns to raise money without any help, UpEffect employs industry best practices to ensure founders are creating exceptional campaign pages and building a “crowd” to back their projects. In essence, UpEffect allows smaller fish that get neglected on larger platforms to convert their powerful ideas into successful campaigns, not only to meet a funding target but also to successfully launch a product to a loyal customer base.

All payments are processed by Stripe and their fee is 1.9% + 20p per transaction for European cards and 2.9% + 20p per transaction for non-European cards.

For £199, you get 30-days of personalised campaign support. You can choose to purchase additional months of support if you want. We'll let you decide. You are, however, contractually bound to run your campaign on UpEffect before any other crowdfunding platform. We pour our heart and soul into helping creators succeed, we believe it's only fair we share in your success if you decide to crowdfund.

To create a sense of urgency around the live campaign, we implement an all-or-nothing model, which helps set targets and also offer protection to backers so that campaign creators are only able to collect their funds once they have met their minimum funding goal. This means that entrepreneurs are continuously motivated to ensure they succeed. This is also a good way of building credibility as backers are more comfortable supporting an idea that they know campaign creators are serious about making a reality.

No, but you will need a verified Stripe Business account to crowdfund with UpEffect

This depends on your funding goal. Our Funding Goal Planner will help you determine what the right goal is for your campaign and based on that, we can advise on the timeframe in our Office Hours.

The minimum is £10,000 (approx $15,000). There is no maximum, however, we recommend setting realistic goals that you can explain to your community of backers. We also suggest calculating how much capital you need to build a profitable business in the next 18 months and using that as your guideline to determine your funding goal. Our Rewards and Funding Goal Planners will help you with this.

Please see here for a list of companies supported by Stripe

We apply a 5% success fee when you complete your crowdfunding campaign. All payments are processed by Stripe and their fee is 1.9% + 20p per transaction for European cards and 2.9% + 20p per transaction for non-European cards.

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