UpEffect has the highest success rate and provides
expert crowdfunding coaching


How it Works for entrepreneurs

Starting a social impact company can be daunting, especially if you're tight on resources and funds. Sharing the journey with someone can make a world of difference and that is why we exist. We help you hone your idea and refine your best pitch to take your product to market so that you can secure customers and raise funds. We're in this with you.

Our company has become the go-to platform for entrepreneurs who are driven not by how much money they can make, but how many lives they can impact. Using crowdfunding as our foundation, our team offers entrepreneurs hands-on support to launch our campaigns, ensuring that these social-good companies are primed for success. To date, our enterprise-solution approach and campaign-consultant model has driven a 95% success rate at securing funding for our social enterprises, launching thousands of ethical products and impacting lives across ten countries.

Why choose UpEffect?

Kickstarter: >56% campaigns fail

Indiegogo: >90% campaigns fail

UpEffect: 95% success rate


Zero Risk
No fear of equity dilution or
interest on loans, keep what you make at no risk. 

Dedicated Support
UpEffect works very much like an investor, we provide a hands-on support process to ensure our social good companies are optimised for success.

Build Demand
We help you put together rewards 
optimised for sale.

Market Validation
We hustle with our campaigns and work as an extension of your team. If for some reason the market does not agree, we’ll help you tweak your campaign.

Supportive community
Gain backers who become champions of your story and share it with their circles. We believe that crowdfunding is deeply rooted in community building as compelling stories and experiences sow the seeds for an idea that turns into a movement.

Safe and secure
We leave the handling of financial information to the experts that offer security and protection plans. UpEffect stores no financial data. By 
minimising risk, it also makes backers more likely to pledge.



How it Works for backers

As every individual deserves a champion, especially one set out to positively change the world, we invite the public to be backers of our campaigns.

When you back a campaign, you are helping an impact idea come to life. In return, you get to see the social impact your support contributes to as well as benefit from rewards offered by the campaign.

All campaigns on UpEffect are vetted and go through a review process so that we can ensure our businesses are equipped to implement the campaign they are asking money for. We look for the following in all of our campaigns:

Impact and financial metrics

Fairtrade and clean supply chains

Team credibility 


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