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UpEffect Handbook
How to share a compelling story


Think about how you would describe your project to a friend. How would you convince your friend to believe in you? You should do the same on your campaign page. The campaign should be structured as if you're selling a dream that only you and your team are capable of achieving and you want others to join you on your journey.


Examples of campaigns with good structures are available here and here


Keep the content concise. The last thing you want to do is drown your readers with words; you want to keep them engaged with facts and figures that help them instantly understand how they can benefit from your project. Images and videos are a huge help to bringing an idea to life. You could also include gifs, soundclips and graphs to make the project more interactive. 

Consider splitting the campaign into the following sections:

  • The problem 
    What are you trying to solve? Do you have facts and figures to support it?
  • The inspiration
    How has this problem personally affected you? How did you come up with the idea? 
  • The product
    What are you making? How does it solve the problem? Include sketches, prototypes and samples - the production process makes backers excited about your project.
  • The Benefits
    What value does your product provide VS existing solutions?
  • Team
    Backers pledge towards campaigns with a credible team. Introduce yourself and your team. 
  • Rewards
    What are you offering backers in exchange for their pledge?
  • Fundraising
    Can you explain why you are raising £10,000 and not £11,000? Break the costs down for backers so that they know you've thought your budget through. Do you have stretch goals that will encourage backers to help you exceed your minimum funding goal?
  • Traction
    What have you achieved so far? Shout about any great news you have, this helps backers believe you can implement the project
  • Press
    Have you been featured anywhere?
  • Impact
    What positive impact will your campaign have? Do you have data to support this?
  • Schedule
    What is your plan? Layout a clear and specific timeline that backers can follow.
  • Risks and challenges
    All crowdfunding campaigns are risky, make sure your backers know the associated risk attached to your campaign and assure them that you will work towards minimising it.