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UpEffect Handbook
How to get press for your campaign


We briefly covered how to get press for your project in the Handbook Promotion section. This page will elaborate on how to go about securing press for your project:

  • Once you have identified which journalist will be right for your campaign, you can usually find an email address for a journalist on their Twitter page.
  • Maintain a spreadsheet of contact details for journalists and bloggers you want to reach out to during your campaign. 
  • Keep your pitch simple, clear and to the point. 2-3 paragraphs is a good structure. Talk about who you are, the problem and how your product is the right solution. Attach high-quality photographs of the product as well as a demo or campaign video. Also, mention who is available for an interview and when would the feature be useful. 
  • Avoid using press agencies to pitch your idea. Journalists like to hear directly from founders.
  • Reach out to journalists or bloggers on Twitter before you pitch anything with a simple hello, or reference to one of their pieces that you like. Journalists work best with strong relationships and recommendations. 
  • Don't be pushy. Journalists are bombarded with pitches all day, every day. Be considerate of their time.