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What we offer

Personalised Campaign Playbook

We create a customised playbook based on your launch date and funding goal with detailed weekly milestones and goals.


Grab-and-go samples, templates, frameworks and ready-to-use writing prompts will save you enormous time, effort, energy and expense.

Impact Assessment and Report

Our impact strategists will complete an Impact Assessment and Report post-campaign for you to share with your community.

Coaching and Office Hours

We'll work with you every step of the way and provide guidance on how to create beautiful content, find backers and customers, the secrets of social media marketing, how to communicate with your community, create compelling rewards, promote, build a tribe, create a campaign film, getting ready for the BIG day and more.

Reviews and Edits

It's difficult to know whether the content that you've created for your campaign is right. We're here to review all of your materials and provide comprehensive feedback. We'll work with you to get your messaging and imagery just right to attract the right audiences. This includes monthly reviews and feedback on your campaign page, film script, email workflow, ebook and blog posts.


We love sharing our network with others and if there is someone or a service provider that we can introduce you to, we'll do our best to make it happen. As standard, we introduce our creators to vetted film producers, photographers, graphic designers who we feel deliver stunning results for crowdfunding campaigns.


UpEffect selects companies based on the management team, financial health, forecast cash flow, projections, social impact, beneficiary interest, community and the team's commitment to the crowdfunding campaign. All campaigns undergo a deep due diligence before onboarding. Selected companies then work with our crowdfunding coaches to convert their idea into an UpEffect crowdfunding campaign.

If for some reason we don't think you're a fit for UpEffect, we'll review how best we can help you become eligible.

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