What makes us different to other crowdfunding platforms is our due-diligence process. We want to offer our platform to the world's most innovative and ground-breaking ideas which will change the world for the better through social entrepreneurship. This is no small task and it's not a task for everyone which is why we assess our projects against big metrics and impact plans to ensure ambition and viability for UpEffect backers.



We look for innovations dedicated to improving human lives. We want to know that you have validated your innovation through extensive market research and have identified a solid gap that no one else is filling and that you, and only you are the best person to do the job. 



We believe that profit is an enabler for businesses, particularly mission-driven companies. We look for strong revenue streams to sustain a company's impact.



It's so easy to say "I want to change the world" but very few people answer the 'how'. How will you improve lives through your innovation? What global problem will you solve to support communities? How will you measure your impact month-on-month? These are examples of the type of questions we ask our campaign creators to understand their take on impact.



As with any business, one of the core factors which influences an investor’s decision to invest is the team. We're the same. We work with revolutionary founders with an intrinsic drive to change the world. Crowdfunding is not easy and we want to ensure your team is equipped to make it a success which is why one of the key factors that we assess is team credibility.


The Supply Chain/Fair Trade

You might be a social business with warm and fuzzy marketing messages but we want to know what your business is like on the inside, how do your processes measure against ethical requirements and expectations of funders? What is your carbon footprint? What is your workforce compensation like? What suppliers do you have on board? If you can confidently answer these questions and prove that you're clean from the inside out, you're already thinking like a social entrepreneur.