This social entrepreneur is tackling world hunger using CURE bars

25-year-old Social Entrepreneur, Zobaida Falah has leveraged TOMS one-for-one model to create The CURE Bar, a natural, no preservatives, no sugar snack bar. It’s a durable healthy snack that anyone can enjoy to replace starchy,fat filled snacks. They also include an ingredient that has never been used in the snack bar industry before – the black seed. For every CURE bar sold, a bar is given to a person in need.




What inspired you to create The Cure bar?

As a child, Zobaida spent my mornings watching my grandmother make a dark & rich mixture of nuts, flavorful seeds, and honey. She called it her “secret cure for everything” and believed it protected her from any illness. My grandmother remained fit as a fiddle as she lived to be over 95 years old, thanks to this special mixture that has been passed down through my family for generations. The key ingredient — Black Seed — is what made the recipe so special. This powerful and aromatic seed is the superhero of natural food. Through sickness and health, she would have us eat a spoonful of this special secret mixture every day.


We have reached a time of surplus in food production, where we have some people run for miles to burn off an indulgent meal while others across the world run for miles to find a single bite to eat. We live in a time where bad food is readily available and unfortunately delicious, leading to pollution of our bodies and souls.


As a college student, I fell victim to junk food addiction while pulling all-nighters studying for exams. As a teacher, I watched my own student’s slum their way through middle school eating refined sugars and bad carbs. Keeping all these factors in mind, I remembered the delightful mixture of black seeds, honey, and almonds that I grew up eating. When I realized I wanted to share this treat with others, I vowed to turn my grandmother’s concoction into a modern durable treat for everyone across the world to enjoy. Keeping the Black Seed as the star ingredient, I added my favorite healthy seeds, nuts, and spices to create the great-tasting CURE bar. Every ingredient in the CURE bar includes ingredients that I prioritize in my daily diet, which is why these bars are my favorite go-to snack.


If you attended university (college), did you find it useful in starting a business?
Yes, my education helped build my speaking abilities as well as communicating with others in a business setting.




What were you up to before you started your company?
I was a Math and English teacher as well as a Realtor.


What problem are you trying to solve?
We are trying to solve world hunger, unhealthy eating habits and capitalism.


What are your key activities towards solving this problem?
Our main avenue in solving this problem is our Get and Give program. This program shows that it is possible to run a profit sustainable corporation while giving back to the less fortunate. In order to encourage others to be the CUREthey want to see in the world, we set out to be symbols of giving.



Would you recommend starting a company with a cofounder?
While I did not start my company with a cofounder, I do believe it is a smart business decision in regards to shared risk, combining brain efforts and manpower. I went to real estate school in order to raise enough start capital and than took the risk and went all in.


How do you get through the ups and downs of running a startup?
My faith keeps me humble during my highs and patient during my lows. Writing your goals and looking at them every day will keep you motivated and clear minded of your ultimate goal.


How did you onboard your first 5 customers?
Word of mouth. Make sure your product is as good as you say it is and never allow a customer to be dissatisfied by your service or your product.



Do you have any numbers on your impact? 
We have fed hundreds of thousands of people with our CURE Bars and motivated millions with our Get and Give program.


What was your proudest moment?
My proudest moment was reading the thousands of emails I received of consumers wanting to join the Get and Give mission. Knowing that there are others in the world that value giving back to the less fortunate warms my heart and fuels my desire to continue this work.


Why did you decide to set up a social enterprise VS a nonprofit or conventional business?
I want to stand as a symbol to corporations that you can run a profit sustainable company and still give back to the less fortunate. If we want others to change, we have to be willing to give up a percentage of our profits.


Who inspires you?
Every person I meet inspires me. I seek opportunities in every soul I encounter because I believe we each have something good to give. I take the good and leave the bad.



What is the one thing you wish people told you before you started your entrepreneurial journey?
I wish people warned me about how stressful it can be to run a company. That is why it is so important to seek avenues to distress. It is vital for your health and well-being.


What are your top three tips for aspiring social entrepreneurs?
1. Shoot for the stars, but prepare for the worst.

2. Learn from the inevitable mistakes you will make along the way. 3.) Work hard in secret, let success speak for itself.

3. Work hard in secret, let success speak for itself.


Their mission is to CURE the world of diseases, depression, and global despair. By using CURE, you are empowering your mind, enhancing your body, and elevating your soul while helping CURE your world. 

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