These entrepreneurs are improving the world

It’s easy to get stuck in our daily routines to the point where our lives outs of work & our working lives become difficult to differentiate. You hear the sound of the blazing alarm on a Monday morning and feel the dread rise and hit snooze until the point where you’ve not given yourself enough time to get ready without panicking.

A company we have really found to be inspiring is MacroAdventure. MacroAdventure was founded by Dom Meredith Hardy and Jo Cruse. They have both left their comfortable London jobs filled with security and stability and have decided to embark on a 9 month, 22,000-mile expedition from Canada to Argentina to seek out and bring light to all the social enterprises pioneering social impact and social good they can on their journey. Not only are they adventurers/ risk takers they are the embodiment of social good champions as they are actively (and quite literally) taking the steps to change the world and whilst supporting those who hope to do the same.


Jaan Pakistan, is an award-winning social startup, based in Lahore, that is dedicated to researching and manufacturing affordable energy solutions for low-income communities across Pakistan. They were founded in June 2014, and formally incorporated in October 2015 as a private limited company. In October 2014, Nobel Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus, endorsed Jaan Pakistan and mentored the Jaan Pakistan team in Dublin, Ireland. Their goal is to provide affordable renewable energy with the development of energy efficient products to low-income communities globally for their domestic energy needs, creating social and economic impact in the lives of those living in marginalised segments of society. They successfully raised over £16,000 through crowdfunding on UpEffect.


In 2014 Shubham Banerjee, a 12-year-old from California created the braille lego printer for a science fair project. He is in the process of making it all open-source so people anywhere can create their own Braigos and advance the software to extend its capabilities. His work illustrates the fact that you are never too young to start a startup.


I’m sure that many of us have been impacted by the thrill of rebellion, whether it be cheating on our diets or simply just standing in the walking section of the escalator. However, I feel that the rush that comes as a result of doing good and making a difference vastly outweighs the latter. There are individuals as well as social enterprises championing social good, with products advancing the lives of people who have little access to the goods we deem as essentials. There is room for so much change to be made and to see people taking risks and championing social good really illustrates the power and potential we all have to positively impact lives globally.

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