Entrepreneurship Without Borders: Back a Campaign in Any Currency on UpEffect

Exciting news! The UpEffect team recently implemented several new features that not only make our platform an equal player with industry giants like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but in fact exceed these platforms’ capabilities.

According to the World Bank, initiatives to modernize payments are crucial in efforts to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2020.

UpEffect is the first crowdfunding platform to not only allow campaign creators to choose their currency, but also enable backers to browse and support campaigns in any preferred currency. Additionally, UpEffect is the only crowdfunding platform with a 100% funding success rate.

This update encourages more backers from around the world to support UpEffect crowdfunding campaigns, and brings us one step closer to our vision for a global marketplace for ethical and sustainable enterprise.

UpEffect now allows for the global exchange of sustainable and ethical products on just one site.

After hundreds of hours of development and testing, the UpEffect tech team is excited to announce many new features that will help campaigns succeed.

International currencies allowing backers and campaigns to select the currency they want to use with 200+ choices – no misleading ‘estimated costs’ or foreign transaction fees – making UpEffect a truly international platform

Redesigned payment process that gets backers from your landing page to checkout in one click

Promo codes that help special customers get special discounts – Great for pre-launch marketing and building your social media following

Set shipping costs for every country and regain control of your shipping logistics

Let backers gift your products (even though the holiday season is over, giving gifts is never out of season)

Are you excited as we are about the future of crowdfunding and social entrepreneurship? Follow UpEffect on Twitter for news about our journey and the social enterprise industry as a whole.

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