Sheeza Shah
Sheeza Shah

Founder and CEO of UpEffect, helping underserved founders crowdfund impactful solutions for people and the planet

Inspiring Individuals and Communities to Create Social Value

History has conveyed that certainly one of the most sustainable and powerful instruments for empowering global development has been education. Community workers and philanthropists who have dedicated their lives to serving poverty-stricken areas across the world have universally agreed that education has been the only long-term resolution for getting communities on their feet.   Indeed, education is a powerful weapon …

Cultivating Entrepreneurship and Education in Developing Countries to Spike Economic Growth

Let’s start off with a little exercise: try to analyse your life for a few minutes and identify the learning opportunities available in your environment. Try to think of the number of people that are or have been acting as mentors, the inspiration you can find in your surroundings and the number of supporters that help you through the steps …