Barry Clive

For the last 20 years Barry has thoroughly enjoyed bringing his physics and manufacturing backgrounds together to support some of the finest European research groups developing sustainable technology based on solar optics. His preoccupying challenge has been to make known just how much difference this underappreciated and highly cost-effective approach to optics can make in utilising other advances in order to facilitate a rapid transition to strong, secure growth for all.

Evolutionary Shift: From Consumers of Our World’s Resources to Enhancers of the Future for All

We could be on the verge of our most momentous evolutionary shift. For, as a species, we no longer need be subject to the primitive competitive instinct.   As animals this drive may have compelled us to compete for control of what hindsight indicated to be the scarce resources we needed to survive, without serious concern for our effects on the wider world.   But as intelligent, self-conscious beings we certainly do have a choice. …