Navina Bartlett
Founder & Boss Lady at Coconut Chilli

Navina Bartlett is the founder & Boss Lady of Coconut Chilli, an ethical start-up making award-winning, gourmet South Indian meal pots - curries on a bed of basmati rice with a fresh herb garnish. Navina is originally from Bangalore, in Southern India. And it's no surprise that she's set up Coconut Chilli; she comes from a rich culinary background, with an aunt who owns a coffee plantation in the hills above Bangalore. It’s where lush paddy fields and coconut groves make way for dense hillsides cultivated with coffee plants and pepper vines. It was here that Navina came up with the idea for Coconut Chilli. She is also a Virgin Start Up Ambassador and certainly lives their ethos of ‘putting purpose before profit’. Navina’s true passion is using Coconut Chilli to challenge conventional food manufacturing and as a vehicle for change in a bid to create sustainable food systems around the world.