5 steps you can take today to become healthier

In recent years we have seen a surge in the healthcare industry. People are becoming exceedingly more health conscious, uploading pictures of their perfectly prepared fruit and muesli with yogurt (organically sourced, 100% natural, fat free, -0 calories) on the side, organised so perfectly that you question if anybody dared to actually eat it. Aside from the instagram food aesthetics people are genuinely becoming more aware of the importance of managing their diets.  It is important to note that health consciousness, despite its sometimes superficial motives is ultimately beneficial, to both us and the environment. In response to that I thought it best to construct a list of a few things we should keep in mind when we go about our weekly routines.

1) Exercise More

dog stretch
Don’t forget to stretch

Exercise should no longer be something we look at with dread. Your body literally fills up with happy hormones when you are more active and your mind responds to that. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly strenuous, you don’t want to over exert before you properly start shaping your routine. You could start with light strolls or jogs in your local area. Perhaps cycle to work at least twice a week, not only is it good for your personal fitness but your also supporting the environment by reducing your carbon emissions. If you rather avoid the gym then there are plenty of exercises that can be done from home and apps that will remind you to get up even when you are on the verge of having a zealous session of procrastination.

2) Drink more water

cat water
Find a less time consuming method of water drinking

We’ve already dedicated a whole blog post to the importance of water, but when it comes to the subject of health this is an unavoidable topic. Water is pretty much the most vital element in life (second to oxygen). Try to replace some of your usual go to drinks with water. So much of what we drink has a ridiculously alarming sugar content but too many of us have grown accustomed to ignoring it. We should even be mindful of drinks labelled with ‘no added sugar’ as they are often misleading. Try drinking at least 2litres of water a day purely because your body actually needs it to function well. We lose so much water from sweating, urinating and simply breathing out that it’s important that we replenish it and avoid dehydration.

3) Eat more vegetables!

Be creative

I think pretty much everyone has had this repeated to them on countless occasions. A lot of important health promoting nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables. Potassium, for maintaining healthy blood pressure, Iron for normal cell functioning, Vitamin A for healthy skin and eyes and Vitamin C the cell protecting antioxidant. I think most of us would like those benefits in our lives. Also no vegetables have cholesterol, which your body will be very grateful for. There are so many vegetable rich recipes that add a flare of creativity to what is often just a simple side of carrots. After you’ve taken and uploaded the picture of the attempt you’ve made to recreate the recipe, unless it looks completely inedible I hope you do actually plan to eat it.

4) Eat less fast (processed) food

Don’t be that guy

This works hand in hand with point number 3. We’re all entitled to a cheat day here and there but its when the cheat days become so frequent that they pretty much become a lifestyle that you should really start to worry. Its hard to avoid the temptation that is fast food but heavily processed foods wreak havoc on our health. They are usually overloaded with salt, which raises blood pressure and contributes to both heart disease and strokes. Also, the piece of lettuce in your burger sadly doesn’t actually account for 1 of your 5 a day. There are healthier fast food options from Crussh to Leon, where there is more transparency with the real nutritional content of what you’re eating.

5) Explore

Couldn’t have said it better myself

More times than not we are our own greatest obstacle. The world is huge! There is so much to see and do. When you explore and see more your mind opens up in a way it wouldn’t when you stay where you always are. There is even usually a list of things that could be done in our local communities, from volunteering, to dance classes. There are so many things to do but not enough people doing them. More of us need to make use of the fact that we’re capable of leaving a profound impact on the world. More impact can be made when you have a greater awareness of both global and local issues. The first step to doing that is by exploring and opening your eyes to more.

Your health matters simply because you matter.

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