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Making a lasting impact through financial and business support for social entrepreneurs. 




What is UpEffect? 

We're a small team building technology to launch products addressing today's biggest problems including social injustice, climate change, global poverty, illiteracy and more. UpEffect is a crowdfunding and support platform for companies dedicated to improving lives and the planet. We founded UpEffect to eliminate the biggest problems plaguing the $2B crowdfunding industry: low success rates and harmful products. 

Our company has become the go-to platform for entrepreneurs who are driven not by how much money they can make, but how many lives they can impact. Using crowdfunding as our foundation, our team offers entrepreneurs hands-on support to launch their campaigns, ensuring that these social good companies are primed for success. To date, our enterprise-solution approach and campaign-consultant model has driven a 95% success rate at securing funding for our social enterprises, launching thousands of ethical products and impacting lives across ten countries.

Our platform has launched products ranging from solar cookstoves to clean drinking water systems, and from ethical fashion brands to eco-friendly carry bags. We offer hands-on support to our campaigns to ensure that these social-good companies are primed for success.

We believe that entrepreneurs with the potential to have a profound impact on the world should have the opportunity to turn ideas into real ventures. Our ultimate aim is to harness the power of crowdfunding to launch these social-good projects and give individuals around the globe the ability to start a business through access to capital, sales, and customers.

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“UpEffect” represents the exponential positive impact that entrepreneurs with a social or environmental mission can have when given the necessary funding and advisement. UpEffect encourages the emergence of a new kind of economics that benefits communities and the planet.

Individuals with a vision for a sustainable, more equal future cannot make change alone. Our entrepreneurs, backers, fans and partners are part of a movement for change that we are proud to support.


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