About Us 

Making a lasting impact through financial and business support for social entrepreneurs. 




What is UpEffect? 

UpEffect is a crowdfunding and support platform for social enterprise companies dedicated to improving lives and the planet. Our platform has launched products ranging from solar cookstoves to clean drinking water systems, and from ethical fashion brands to eco-friendly carry bags. We offer hands-on support to our campaigns to ensure that these social-good companies are primed for success.

To date, our enterprise-solution approach and campaign-consultant models have driven our 100% success rate at securing funding for all our campaigns, raising over £290,000 to launch thousands of ethical products and impact lives across fourteen countries.

UpEffect provides entrepreneurs with the dedicated advice and expertise needed to effectively launch a business. We aim to maximise the chances of success by first vetting the campaigns and thereafter offering incubator-like support.

We believe that entrepreneurs with the potential to have a profound impact on the world should have the opportunity to turn ideas into real ventures. Our ultimate aim is to harness the power of crowdfunding to launch these social-good projects and give individuals around the globe the ability to start a business through access to capital, sales, and customers.



Meet the Team

At UpEffect, our team is dedicated to helping social entrepreneurs worldwide achieve their dreams and make a lasting impact on the world. Each member of our team is passionate about making the world a better place through self-sustainable social and environmental ventures with exponential potential for positive change.

As a UpEffect campaign creator, you will be working with our core team directly so that we can share our expertise in crowdfunding, impact measurement, business development and marketing. Here are some of the individuals you will be working with:


Sheeza Shah, Chief Purpose Officer 

As UpEffect’s Founder and CEO, Sheeza aims to help everyone reach financial independence and support the next generation of social innovators. Sheeza combines her Computer Science background with her passion for social entrepreneurship to serve as the engine that drives campaigns to success. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Financial Times, The Guardian, BBC, Huffington Post, The Telegraph and Virgin. She is often found championing conscious capitalism and social entrepreneurship at universities, business leadership events and various other platforms.

Sheeza was named to Financial Times 100 Most Influential BAME Leaders in UK Tech,  Computer Weekly’s ‘Most Influential Women in Tech’ and Asians in Tech’s ‘Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech 2017′. She won Business Woman of the Year and is also an Asian Women of Achievement Award nominee.

All UpEffect campaign creators get invaluable insight directly from Sheeza during weekly calls as a part of our standard service.


Sharjeel Chaudhry, CTO

Sharjeel, CTO at UpEffect, is a Cornell University alum whose passion for making a difference in the world drives everything he does. In his free time from UpEffect, Sharjeel is a medical student, works as an NIH-funded researcher developing drugs for blood diseases at Harvard Medical School, and is one of ten students in the country holding the prestigious Sarnoff Fellowship. Previously, Sharjeel founded a profitable web development company that funded his undergraduate education, before going on to work as a Management Consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton on projects with the Department of Homeland Security.

UpEffect allows Sharjeel to integrate his passion for technology and benefiting others on a large scale. UpEffect campaign creators receive hands-on tech support directly from Sharjeel, as he is dedicated to seeing your campaigns and ventures succeed.



Danielle Wedde, Content Manager

Danielle provides crucial help in content writing for UpEffect and the websites and blogs of social entrepreneurs campaigning with us. Her background in international economics and business is a great asset to our team and campaign creators.

Danielle also works as an Economic and Business Analyst at the U.S.- Saudi Arabian Business Council and is a graduate of the Economics and Policy Analysis program at Harvard University.


“UpEffect” represents the exponential positive impact that entrepreneurs with a social or environmental mission can have when given the necessary funding and advisement. UpEffect encourages the emergence of a new kind of economics that benefits communities and the planet.

Individuals with a vision for a sustainable, more equal future cannot make change alone. Our entrepreneurs, backers, fans and partners are part of a movement for change that we are proud to support.

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